Why should Employers contract out their disciplinary hearing to us

Line Managers:

  • Are uncomfortable with their findings and decisions being challenged on appeal and in the CCMA or Bargaining Council.
  • Do not want to discipline their “own” staff.
  • Do not want to discipline staff from other departments or divisions.
  • They do not have the time and they feel that it is not their responsibility to discipline other manager’s staff.

Novas Consultants

  • Have the knowledge and experience to conduct hearings at all levels in the business.
  • This is what they do best, their success rate, with references, proves it.
  • Stay up to date with latest Labour Courts judgments and arbitration rulings to be able to apply case law in findings and recommendations.
  • Unbiased decisions/finding are made which makes it easier for the accused to accept the proceedings of the disciplinary hearing