Secretarial/Administrative Services to registered Employer Associations:

Currently we supply these services to Four major employer associations within the Chemical Industry.

  • National Speciality Chemicals Employers Association (NaSCEA)
  • National Base Chemical Employers Association (NBCEA)
  • National Fast Moving Consumer Goods Employers Association (NFMCGEA)
  • Glass Industry Employers Association.

This entails administrative functions like organising regular meetings, collecting of membership fees, maintaining the books of accounts and correspondence with members.

We also represent the members in negotiations with trade unions and in particular in the National Centralised Annual Wage Bargaining. Jan Smit also represents the employers in both the National Bargaining Council for the Chemical Industry (NBCCI), where he is a member of the Executive Committee and the Finance Committee, and the Chemical Industry SETA (CHIETA), where he is a member of the Governing Board (Accounting Authority).

He was also a member of both the working groups responsible for establishing these institutions.

In addition he represents members of these employer associations in disputes referred to the National Bargaining Council for the Chemical Industry (NBCCI).