Project Based Services

1.   Policies and Procedures:

  • Audit of Human Resources and Labour Relations Policies and Procedures (including letters of appointment and contracts of employment).
  • Update of above.

2.   Employment Equity:

  • Compile Equity plan (if not in place).
  • Update Equity plan and reports (if in place).

3.   Skills Development:

  • Perform role of Skills Development Facilitator (SDF).
  • Workplace Skills Facilitation including the development and training needs analysis.
  • Development of Workplace Skills Plan (WSP).
  • Completion and submission of relevant documentation.
  • Job analysis/competency profiling.
  • Development of performance management systems.
  • Selection of suitable training courses and providers.
  • Design and development of outcome based learning programmes.

4.   Health Safety and Environment:

  • Ensuring compliance with Occupational Health and Safety Act.
  • Conduct health and safety audit.
  • Appoint and train safety representatives.
  • Source appropriate health and safety training.