Novas will provide an agreed number of hours per month of consultancy time. This time may be used at discretion of the company as the need arises. Consultancy services will be provided personally by a specific consultant assigned to the client, but should he/she not be available, for whatever reason, one of his/her well qualified and experienced associates will deputise for him/her.

·  Consultancy services provided will include advice in all areas of labour legislation and labour relations as well as human resources management and will include:

  • General advice on labour relations issues
  • Attending meetings with shop stewards and/or union officials
  • Chairing of disciplinary and appeal hearings
  • Assisting the Company in disputes referred to the CCMA and/or Bargaining Council
  • Dealing with any strike or other form of industrial action.

·  The retainer agreement covers advisory and consulting time, including telephone consultations, but exclude any project work as detailed below.

·  A fixed fee per month payable in advance will be charged for this service. Any additional consulting time, utilized by the company over and above the agreed hours per month, will be charged at an agreed hourly rate.

·  Up to 50% of agreed consultancy time not utilized during one month may be carried over to the subsequent month to be utilized during that month.

·  The above consultancy services are also available on an ad hoc basis at an hourly rate.