Dear Participants and Sponsors,

The chemicals sector plays an increasingly important socio-economic role. As in all other sectors, globalisation means unprecedented complexities and risks, but also extraordinary potentials.

Sustainable realisation of these potentials requires thriving. Your organisation and you are therefore invited to thrive, if you have not already been convinced by the benefits.

Since bossmanship, management and leadership are outdated practices amidst fast-changing people, they cannot deliver true thriving. Leadingship is now required.

One of leadingship’s distinguishing features is that it is a wisdom craft - more natural and effective than leadership, and way more efficient and sustainable than management. Since the craft relies on wisdom capability, we facilitate participant development beyond training or lecturing. Novas Labour Relations Consulting has been providing a full spectrum of Human Resources and Labour Relations consulting services for over twenty years. We invest in long term relationships in order to develop deep appreciation for our clients’ enterprises. In this manner our client base developed broadly and our consulting team adds value to the sector on various levels. We established our Learning Solutions division in response to industry needs and for the significance of effective leader education in our sector, country, and continent. We therefore bring you Leadingship development as the best available solution and as a life-changing experience. The Senior Leadingship Programme (SLP) is suited for middle to senior managers, fast-tracking talent and strategic decision makers. More than assist you to catch up with modern requirements, the SLP will accelerate you past restricting practices and dated training.